Seamless IT Infrastructure Migrations

Migrating your IT Infrastructure can be complex and in lot of cases your project can go over-time and over budget.

We’ve identified 6 of the most common traps that can impact the success of your migration and given you some key ways to avoid them.

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Worried about your IT migration going over budget and over-time? You should be…

There are traps out there with EVERY IT Migration. This quick read is your guide to avoiding them and looking like a superstar.

Are any of these true about the current state of your IT projects?

  • You don’t know how much you’re spending
  • You find it hard to make the right technology choice
  • No two projects are run the same way
  • Unforeseen complexity keeps creeping in
  • Projects always seem to run over time and over budget
  • No one seems to know the exact project status

62% of projects failed or were harder than expected.

    56% of project failures were caused by “competing IT projects, changing priorities or lack of expertise”.

      ‘Lift and Shift’ is the quickest and easiest route to the cloud but it also replicates legacy headaches.

      You’ll severely constrain the benefits of migrating if you simply recreate hundreds or thousands of snowflake VMs in some else’s datacentre.

      Rael Winter