Access The Right Skills When You Need Them

Building an in-house team for every project can be a costly and risky venture.

Yet the success or failure of your project can hinge on your ability to complete important projects on time, within budget and to specification.

Using our experienced Project Staff allows you to add skilled people to your team based on the specific skills you need to support your project. The staff remain employed by Riteway which allows you to easily ramp up and down to meet your demand without shouldering the cost and liabilities of additional full time employees.

You can also use our staff to cover any temporary need such as extended sick leave, training, or holiday periods.  Our Project Staffing service can cover periods from as little as a week to as long as 3-6 months.

All the Riteway guys were professional and plain-speaking.

They didn’t speak down to us or treat us like non-technical dummies.

Sean Eslake

CEO, State Government Entity

Benefits of using outsourced Project Staff

  • The use of outsourced project staff for short-term needs enables your project to remain on schedule even when critical resources are on leave
  • Even though they are Riteway staff, when they are working for you, you have control over what they do and you manage them directly
  • Adding particular skills to your team lets you take advantage of both internal and external resources for your project
  • Adding outsourced project staff can help you meet aggressive project timelines and is often the only option you have to avoid project slippage
  • Existing internal staff will embrace additional individual staff more than they would a fully outsourced team
  • Outsourced project staff adopt your existing processes and practices making it easier to align them to your current way of working

Risks of using outsourced Project Staff

  • Although highly experienced, outsourced project staff can require additional training to bring them up to speed with your organisation, processes and tools
  • As you increase your resources incrementally, your cost structure doesn’t improve in a significant way as each resource is usually at a rate negotiated per resource
  • You still need to provide supervision of outsourced staff so your managerial overhead remains and may increase as you add more people to your team
  • While using an outsourced team will help in project delivery, the responsibility remains within your organisation.  You are purchasing resources, not outcomes

Riteway’s Project Staffing service can provide a range of project related roles to support your business and your project – whether you need them for a week, a month or even a year.

Some of the roles we offer include:

  • Project Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Analysts (Business, Technical and Process)
  • IT and Infrastructure Architects
  • Engineers
  • Test Resources
  • Trainers

We can provide the resources necessary to fill a gap in your current project team or as coverage when your staff go on extended leave.  We have tough selection criteria when recruiting so you can be confident that we will only offer you the best possible person to support your business.
Riteway offers highly skilled people to help you achieve your project and business goals. If you need to fill a gap in your team – contact us to find out more.

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