Ensure The Success Of Your Project Every Time

We have specialised in Technology Migrations since 2013.

As a result, we’ve developed, tested and proven an in-house methodology that achieves successful cloud, data centre and application migrations, time after time.

Our methods are based Best-in-Class models which are adapted to leverage the specific skills and experience of our team and to match the individual requirements of your engagement.

Our Technology Migration process is used when you are migrating:

  • your own infrastructure from an on-premise or colocation data centre
  • your own infrastructure to a public, private or hybrid cloud solution
  • from one IaaS provider to another IaaS provider
  • any of your applications from an on-premise instance to cloud-based SaaS
  • from a one SaaS application to a different SaaS solution

The methodology had a logical sequence, defined dependencies, options and timelines for reports.

It gave me confidence and it worked.

Sean Eslake

CEO, State Government Entity

A successful technology migration should follow the same 5 steps, regardless of what you are migrating or to where. That’s why we’ve specialised in infrastructure migrations. Our methodology is robust and proven, yet able to adapt to any situation.

Discovery Phase

In any migration activity, the Discovery is potentially the most critical activity. During this phase we gather all available information on the current state of the infrastructure included in the project and we document this in a detailed Discovery Report. In some cases, we use this phase to understand what future requirements you may have.

Design Phase

During the Design phase our team work with your staff to produce a high-level view of your required future state. We take into account all of the information gathered in the Discovery, plus any options that are necessary to meet your future needs. In this phase, we identify any pre-requisite platforms, solutions or activities that can be completed before the migration.

Build Phase

The Build phase covers all activities from engagement of vendors and providers, through to completed testing of the new environment. The selected


vendors will produce their own detailed design which will show how their solution will deliver the requirements of your project. This design is validated and approved, before being built by the vendor. Depending on the end-state environment, the build phase may require relatively simple configuration or perhaps complex development. During this phase, any external dependencies needed to enable the solution are implemented, and detailed migration planning is commenced.

Migration Phase

The Migration phase finalises the Migration Plan for applications, servers, network infrastructure, databases and the like, and includes migration from pre-production to production. This phase can also include pilot (trial) migrations, training and finally migration to full production use of the new environment.

Transition Phase

The final phase is the Transition, which completes all activities that embed the solution into Business as Usual practice for you. This includes completion of handover to the your operational team, any necessary adjustment to processes, introduction of SLA’s with the new provider(s) and finally project closure.


Tailor our methodology for your next migration project.