We offer Virtual CIO services for your business.

If you’re at that stage where you need a CIO but can’t see the benefit of a full-time role, talk to us about our fractional vCIO Service.  

You get the best of both worlds – focus, experience and leadership at a fraction of the cost.

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what is it

Every business needs to have a focus on technology, not just from an operational view, but also a strategic view.
Our Virtual CIO service gives you this.

IT Leadership For Your Business, At A Fraction Of The Cost.

Grow Your Business

As you grow your business, you need technology that is designed to scale with you and to meet the plans you have for your business.

Adapt Your Business

Your business is constantly changing and this means adapting the technology you need and delivering the right solutions and the right projects.

Sustain Your Business

Technology is no longer set and forget. To sustain your business you need to ensure your IT systems continue to deliver the outcomes you need.

what's included

Our Virtual CIO Service Can Provide:


Also find out how our Project Governance Framework can help your business.

Lack of proper governance is one of the leading causes of project failure and to help address this, we have developed a governance framework specifically for IT Projects, that can be customised to suit your organisation.

Based on over 20 years of successful IT project delivery, if you need to improve the success of your IT projects, simply reach out and hopefully we can help.

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