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Successfully managing technology migrations is what we do.

If your technology or infrastructure migration must deliver precise business outcomes and be completed on time and on budget, Riteway is the right choice for you. We are technology migration specialists and our clients tell us, we’re very good.

Migrations to the cloud, data centre relocations and application migrations are usually complex, intricate exercises.  Technical skills are critical to success yet, it’s often non-technical expertise that can make or break a project. That’s why our people are hand-picked to match their exact skills to each project.

Our business and project delivery expertise underpins our technical expertise to ensure you achieve a successful, stress-free technology migration.

Keeping up-to-date with the non-stop changes in technology is a huge task so we make sure we partner with some of the best technical people available. We are continuously fostering and building strong relationships with organisations and individuals that are certified in all types of technology infrastructure, whether it’s AWS, Azure, Cisco, VMWare, or any other.

This allows our consultants to remain independent and agnostic about the chosen technology and to focus solely on successfully delivering your project.

The Riteway team is driven by outcomes, resolved to deliver them.

Each member is a multi-faceted player with wider than one technology experience.

Paul Robinson

Senior Program Manager, State Government Cluster Agency

Skill Selection

Putting together the right team for a technology migration project is critical. Deploying resources just because they’re available isn’t the answer and believing that all consultants will put their best people on the job isn’t either. In fact, many will do the opposite. We pride ourselves on selecting the right person with the exact skills and temperament for each individual project. We’re delighted that clients truly see the difference.

Change Management

Implementing a major technology migration is one thing. Managing the people and their change journey are quite another. If your people aren’t on board, your whole project could easily be doomed. We know that change can be scary. That’s why we make it our priority to make it as easy and comfortable as possible. Our clients say this makes all the difference to project success. Read how to avoid some of the pitfalls here (link to How to Guarantee Failure Listicle)

Machinery of Government

Working with government can be tricky. There are plenty of nuances you won’t find in the Private Sector and missing just one of them could be fatal to your project. We’ve completed quite a few Machinery of Government (MoG) data centre, application and cloud migration projects, including one for 4,000 users. Clients say our understanding of how government works, the decision-making and approvals process, the machinations and delegations was invaluable to their projects’ success.

Risk Management

Any project worth doing comes with risks but it’s vital not to let those risks manage the project. We understand the risk associated with Technology Migrations and believe they should be identified early, and plans put in place to manage and mitigate them. Our team has decades of experience doing this successfully using our 5-step methodology (link to new Methodology Page). Learn more about our approach to Risk Management.


Communication is more than talking. Often, it’s the listening and asking questions that are more important. We’re a plain-speaking team and we don’t try to impress our clients with meaningless technical jargon. They want to focus on operating their business and they don’t want to be confounded with technicalities. We’re pleased that so many clients like the way we explain everything in plain English.

If you’re considering a cloud, data centre or application migration, you might like a chat with someone independent who has no vendor or technology bias. If this sounds like you, book a complimentary  Migration Readiness Consult with one of our migration specialists. It will be a worth your time.

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