Must Ask Questions for a Seamless Email Migration

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To make sure your email migration is completed seamlessly and without a hitch, you need to first understand the technology being used and the budget you must work with. Oh, and it will also help to have a detailed plan, something that ensures you have thought through all the possible challenges and problems you might face both during and after the migration.

There are many migration tools and solutions out in the market and a lot of these are FREE which is always an enticing option, right?  There are also a range of Cloud-based migration tools for you to choose from.  So how do you make sure you select the right solution?

  • Do you try one of the free options and save some money?
  • How do you decide what is the right tool for your migration? Is it one size fits all?
  • Have you worked out exactly what you need and whether the tool you selected can do all this?
  • What are you going to do if things go wrong?
  • Do you or your team understand all the challenges you might come across?
  • Can your business handle a loss of data or more importantly disruption to your users?

Given these risks, it is vital to identify someone who will work with you in this transition and can support a seamless and successful email migration.  One mistake can have a domino effect on your whole migration.

Questions to Ask

When choosing a potential vendor to help with your email migration, you need to ask the following questions.  The answers provided will help you determine whether you can expect a successful migration or whether your project will take on an unacceptable level of risk.

  1. What user impact is likely to be experienced? For example, will there be an outage to their use of email?  Will they need to make changes to their devices?
  2. How secure is email data going to be during the migration? Will the migration be completed locally or offshore? (This is important given the increased need for data sovereignty.)
  3. Will all data be migrated? Not just email but also appointments, tasks, notes, and contacts? Imagine having to tell the boss that the important meeting they had with the biggest client was missed because it wasn’t migrated in his calendar. Make sure the partner you choose and the solution they use, can successfully migrate all types of data.

  1. Does the solution include the migrating of a user’s personal archive data? Older emails and data can be critical to many organisations and needs to be migrated.
  2. Can you filter out certain messages from migrating based on parameters such as date, message type or even content? You may not want all of your current data and your vendor should be able to select and migrate only the data that you require.
  3. Importantly, how long will the migration take and who is needed from your internal team to work on the migration? You need to make sure that all data is migrated as quickly as possible to reduce the impact to users and the need and cost to maintain multiple solutions.
  4. Is there a potential data loss and if so, how much? Can you provide reports that tell us what messages could not be migrated? 

Seamless, Secure and Collaborative

Riteway Solutions Group offers a migration service for email and data that is tailored to your specific need. Our methodologies are designed to complete your migration as seamlessly and as quickly as possible. We do that with the least possible disruption to your users and with minimal loss of data (if any). Everything is done remotely and we use your team and ours, as efficiently as possible.

Successful Email Migration Experts

At Riteway, we specialise in migrating email and data from Office365, Exchange, IMAP and Gmail platforms to Office365 and G-Suite and we do this for a number of corporate and government clients throughout Australia.  Our focus as your migration expert is to help you understand what you need to know and do, to make sure your migration is completed on time, on budget and without disruption.

We address every migration whether it’s 100 users or 100,000 users with the same dedication and attention to detail. Our experienced and dedicated team of consultants walks you through the migration from start to finish. We work with you for a seamless migration with a predictable outcome, every time.

Find out more here.

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