Migrate seamlessly from any platform to Microsoft 365 or G Suite


No matter the reason why, if you are looking to migrate your email and user data to Microsoft 365 or G-Suite, our team is here to help.

We have years of experience helping both private and public sector organisations to seamlessly migrate their email and other important business documents and data seamlessly, with no downtime and zero interruptions to your business operations.

Migrating from one solution to another, one provider to another, or just changing your email domain can be complex and needs to be done carefully and correctly.  Our dedicated email and data migration team is ready to step in and complete your migration, so why wait?


We needed someone who understood the importance of email to our business.
Riteway assisted us in the transition to our new charity services without a problem.

Jason Sotiris

CEO, Fairfight Foundation Limited

What We Provide

Our team has years of experience in delivering email and data migration services and will ensure your project is successful, by applying this experience and our world class tools.

We offer you the choice of:

1. A full-service migration where we handle all aspects of the migration on your behalf – we need administration access to your systems.

2. A data-only migration where we migrate the email and data only and coordinate completion of all other activities with your internal IT team.

In both cases, we have our own internal project lead who will be assigned to your project and will work with your IT team or directly with your business.


What We Can Migrate


Our email and data migration service allows you to move mailboxes, files, archives, and more from nearly any source to any destination.  The table below shows the various options we provide.

Our Approach


We have a proven 5-step approach to successfully deliver your email and data migration project.

Select the step below to find out more information.


1. Consultation & Kick Off

Our team will work with you to understand your unique migration requirements, including your source and destination environments, your current pain points, business needs, and to learn about your users and the data you need to migrate. We’ll then design a comprehensive migration plan specifically for your project, including a timeline for completion, recommended environment set-up activities, and we’ll explain clearly the next steps required.

2. Set Up & Test

Normally, we will ask you to create any new accounts, mailboxes and other configurations on your destination environment.  This is to remove the need for us to have Admin level access to your tenancy, however if needed we can complete these activities on your behalf if necessary.  Once this setup is complete, we will ask you to verify their creation for accuracy and then we’ll perform a number of verification checks to ensure our migration tools can connect to your source and destination environments.  This is when we will need the final details of what is to be migrated.

3. Pre-Stage & Pilot

Once everything is setup, we like to complete a pre-stage migration, which reduces the migration effort at the time of final migration.  We use this pre-staging as a ‘pilot’ where we can confirm that everything is working as expected and it enables us to better forecast the duration of the final migration. There is zero downtime and no impact to your users during the pre-stage process.

4. Migration

At the agreed time, our team will seamlessly migrate your live data into your new environment, with zero downtime and impact to your users or to your original source environment. We’ll produce a report that details individual items (emails/files/documents) that were not able to be migrated and our team will work closely with you to confirm any corrective actions that might be needed for these items.  In some cases, users may need to manually migrate these items and we will proves instructions on how to do this.  We can also repeat the data migration process, if needed.

5. Verification

The final step in the migration process is to get you to verify that all of your data has been successfully migrated and we have some tools we can provide that can assist in this.

Migration Pricing


This pricing table is for user based migrations only.  To find out about migrating shared resources such as document folders, SharePoint libraries and MS Teams, please contact us.

Number of Users
Full Service (per User) Data Only (per User)
1-100 $70.00 $55.00
101-500 $65.00 $50.00
501-1000 $60.00 $45.00
1000+ Ask Us Ask Us
Migration Licence per User $25.00 $25.00
Setup Fee (<100 users only) $3,000.00 $2,000.00

Why Choose Riteway?

We know that the successful migration of your email and data is vital to you and your business, and that makes it vital to us, too. Technology migrations like this are all we’ve done for years, and we have a long record of success, delivering business value on time and on budget.

Migration Experience

From 5 users to 5,000 we have experience delivering all sizes of migrations.

Dedicated Team

Our team’s sole focus is delivering your email migration successfully.

Best-In-Class Tools

We use a range of tools best suited to your specific migration needs.

Need Help With Your Next Data Migration?