Don’t Risk The Security Of Your Data

Company data, including your emails are critical to your business.

Your files and your emails form the basis for most of your important decisions and are a record of communications with customers, suppliers and within the business. You can’t risk this valuable asset.

If you’ve made the decision to move to a new cloud-based service, now you must make sure your legacy data is migrated securely and without loss.

Migrating from one solution to another, one provider to another, or just changing your email domain can be complex and needs to be done carefully and correctly.

The key to a successful email and data migration is understanding, managing, controlling, and protecting your data, whether it’s in a document, spreadsheet or email.

We needed someone who understood the importance of email to our business.
Riteway assisted us in the transition to our new charity services without a problem.

Jason Sotiris

CEO, Fairfight Foundation Limited

Email and Data Migration Services

Riteway Solutions Group has decades of experience in email and data migration services and will ensure your project is successful, by applying this experience and world class tools.

We offer you the choice of:

1. A full-service migration where we handle the migration fully

2. A data-only migration where we migrate only the data and coordinate all other activities with your internal IT team.

What We Migrate

Our Process

We use a 4-step process, which starts with investigating your current data sources and setting up the tools we’ll use to extract the data securely.

At a date and time convenient to your business, we’ll then migrate the data to its new environment, including completing any necessary translations that may be required. To reduce the impact on your team and operations, we normally do this migration in 2 phases, applying a number of quality steps to ensure the integrity of that data.

Once the data has been migrated, we issue a range of standard reports which will identify any errors or rejected items, so they can be manually migrated. Our team will work closely with you to confirm any corrective action and will repeat the data migration process, if required.

Before we wrap up the migration, we ask you to review the moved data and confirm that it has all been migrated correctly.

Migration Pricing

Number of Users
Full Service (per User) Data Only (per User)
1-100 $70.00 $55.00
101-500 $65.00 $50.00
501-1000 $60.00 $45.00
1000+ Ask Us Ask Us
Migration Licence per User $25.00 $25.00
Setup Fee (<100 users only) $3,000.00 $2,000.00

Why Riteway

Our independence and our experience means we’re able to choose the exact solution to support your particular migration. We’re vendor agnostic, we make our solution choice on merit alone and we take your unique requirements into account.

The successful migration of your data is vital to you and your business, and to us, too. Technology migrations like this are all we’ve done for decades, and we have a long record of success, delivering business value on time and on budget.

Need Help With Your Next Data Migration?