Complete Your Relocation Seamlessly

Are any of these true for you?

  • You are a CIO, IT Infrastructure or IT Operations Manager
  • You are not 100% happy with your current data centre arrangement
  • You want to move your current data centre as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible
  • You have a budget for the relocation and a set timeframe
  • You need to maintain Business as Usual before, during and after the move

Have you experienced any of these?

  • You attempted a data centre move with your own in-house team but they lacked the know-how and capacity to complete the project efficiently, on-time and with the expected outcomes;
  • You chose a Top Tier Consultancy or System Integrator but this caused delays and budget blow-outs; the quality of the team and their work was not of the level you expected and paid for;
  • You relied on your chosen MSP but their focus was on an over-spec’d solution that would lock you into increased, ongoing charges;
  • You opted for a more generic Project Management firm but their limited view of the technology meant they didn’t quote accurately and didn’t choose the best solution for your needs. Consequently, the project didn’t meet expectations in terms of cost or outcome.

I needed a firm with the knowledge, objectivity and resources to do the job
without disrupting the business, and who’d done something like this many times.

James Ackland

CIO, State Government Agency

** Most of our clients aren’t able to be named publicly but are happy to discuss their Riteway experiences directly

Data Centre Relocation Services: How Riteway Makes Your Move Seamless

Specialised Skills and Knowledge

We apply our data centre migration expertise to deliver a premium service. With no competing priorities, we stay focused and provide an efficient, cost-effective service with increased benefits for your business.

On-time and On-budget

For almost two decades, we’ve successfully completed both simple and complex data centre migrations. We know exactly what’s involved, including the ccost, the number of people and how long is required to get the job done. That’s how we can provide an accurate budget and a realistic plan we can stick to.

Disruption-free Migration

By working alongside your team, not instead of them, we’ll leverage your workforce while letting them focus on delivering BAU. Meanwhile, we’ll handle every stage of your existing data centre migration, working seamlessly to ensure the move occurs with minimal interruption to your business.

Unbiased Advice

We are data centre relocation specialists with no allegiance to any technology or vendor, we offer a completely objective opinion about data centre technologies, vendors and resources needed. We can work with your preferred vendor or we can help you make the technology decisions based on your specific requirements.

Flexible Processes

We use a proven and successful methodology without taking a cookie-cutter approach. We adapt our processes to suit your needs. We’re happy to work with you and your existing processes to ensure the most stress-free, hassle-free experience with minimal paperwork and maximum efficiency.

Tried and Tested Network

We have an invaluable network of highly qualified, skilled and experienced contractors we know and trust to get the job done right the first time. These contractors are vetted and hand-picked to suit your project. As they’re external, they don’t raise our overheads, so we can provide them to you at prices lower than equivalent resources from other firms.


Our two decades of experience and know-how means we can plan and deliver your data centre relocation project efficiently. We’ll manage each stage of the relocation as swiftly as possible, saving you both time and cost.

Government Data Centre Relocation Under Budget & On Time