Cloud Migration

Make Your Move To The Cloud Hassle-Free

Are any of these true for you?

  • You are a CIO or a C-level Executive, Director or Project Sponsor, or you’re an IT Manager with responsibility for infrastructure
  • You have been tasked with moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud
  • You want a cloud solution that meets your business’s needs
  • You need the migration to be as swift and cost-effective as possible
  • You have a strict deadline and budget to get it done
  • You have to maintain Business as Usual operations throughout the entire process

Have you experienced any of these?

  • Completing a cloud migration with your own in-house team didn’t go as well as planned; it took much longer than expected, the process was a bigger hassle and it didn’t save on costs;
  • Working with a Top Tier Consultancy Company or System Integrator resulted in creeping costs, lengthy and difficult processes and a below-par outcome;
  • Hiring a general Project Managment Firm, you found they didn’t have the specific experience needed to make the project work, causing it to go over budget and take too long.

Riteway had a couple of resources who were crazy good at what they do.
By the end of the project, the internal team was almost worshipping them.

David Hennings

CIO, NSW Government Agency

** Most of our clients aren’t able to be named publicly but are happy to discuss their Riteway experiences directly

Cloud Migration Consultants: How Riteway Makes Your Move Hassle-Free 

Cloud Migration Specialists

By sticking to our specialisation, we offer the best advice and deliver the highest quality execution. Our team stays focused on providing premium cloud migration services that check every box and exceed your expectations.

Seamless Transformation

We operate alongside your team, so they can handle their day-to-day workload while we manage your cloud migration project. Working with us, the cloud migration specialists, you’ll reap reap the rewards of transitioning to the cloud without any disruption to your business, maintaining BAU at every stage.

Independent Advice

We are cloud migration specialists with no ties to vendors or technology, we provide the most objective advice when it comes to your cloud migration. We’re happy to use whatever technology, vendor or service provider you’ve selected. If you need help choosing, we’ll give you a unbiased recommendation based on your specific needs.

Flexible Processes

We know that your business has its own unique governance and way of doing things. That’s why we customise our service to every client. We’re happy to work with your systems, keeping the paperwork and complexity to a minimum.

The Very Best People

We have a wide, tried and trusted network of people we work with. So, we select a team with the exact qualifications and experience to handle your cloud migration seamlessly. And, as our contractors aren’t on our payroll increasing our overheads, we provide the people with advanced skills at very competitive prices.

Guaranteed Costs and Timeframe

Our years of experience means we can accurately quote on your project. When we give you a timeframe and price, you can rest assured we won’t exceed either. Of course, if you need to extend or change elements of the project, we’ll happily work with you for a fair commercial outcome.

Unmatched Value

Our two decades of experience also means that we operate as a well-oiled machine, completing your project efficiently and quickly, without compromising quality. This means lower costs for you and a faster, superior outcome.

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